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Friday, March 24, 2017
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After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, our associational leadership prayerfully sought God's direction in our work in the nation of Haiti.  In the Spring of 2010, our association developed a relationship with a Haitian Baptist Pastor, Gaetan Alcegaire.  Pastor Gaetan and his family, along with other Haitian volunteers, serve as caretakers for 32 orphaned children.  Since that time, our association has seized the great opportunity to show God's love by caring for these orphaned children.  Pastor Gaetan's family owns a home that has been converted into an orphanage for the children.  Our association has sent several teams to the nation of Haiti, to work with Pastor Gaetan in providing safe shelter, schooling and stability for these 32 children.  Our churches have generously provided items needed for the orphanage and funds to supply food for the children.
At the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Sweetwater Baptist Association, the Messengers voted to enter into a 5-year partnership with Pastor Gaetan, for the dual purpose of purchasing land and constructing a church/school building.  Our association will send mission volunteer teams to do construction work on the building project.
After the earthquake, our Missions Committee had set up an associational "Hope for Haiti" Fund.  The purpose of this fund was to build either a church, school or orphanage in Haiti.  We now have the opportunity to help this Haitian Pastor and these 32 children by providing much needed space for these children to have an education as well as provide a place for the community to meet together for worship.  The money currently in the "Hope for Haiti" Fund will be used as "start-up" funding to begin the excavation and first stage of construction.
Additional funding will be necessary to complete the project.  This funding will be provided by donations from our associational churches and individuals. 
In addition to the building project, our association will still be providing food for the children.   
The greatest needs are funding for the building project, funds for the children (food), and mission volunteers to travel to Haiti to participate in the building project.  Any church or individual wishing to participate in this great mission work, please contact the associational office. 
Donations can be made payable to
Sweetwater Baptist Association, 696 Anderson Street, Madisonville, TN  37354